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Available Gemstones

Blue Lace Agate
Mother of Pearl
Black Onyx
Lapis Lazuli
Mother Mary's Gemstone Rosaries offers the finest quality Handcrafted Rosary Necklace s.  Our Rosary Necklaces are created from a selection of over 30 semi-precious gemstones mined throughout the world. Each Rosary Necklace is created using intricately handcrafted sterling silver cross and beads made by artists in Bali, Thailand, Tibet and Nepal.

The artisans making our crosses use traditional techniques and tools employed for hundreds of years in their craft. Our crosses are unique creations, often with faceted inset gemstones, many are one of a kind.

What is a Rosary Necklace?

A Rosary Necklace is a five decade Rosary designed for prayer and to be worn. In praying the Rosary Necklace, we use the 4 points of the cross and the center to substitute for the beads normally found under the center piece of the Rosary.

These rosary necklaces are original creations of Mother Mary's Rosaries since 1989 to offer women beautiful rosaries to pray on and wear close to their hearts.

Custom made Rosary Necklace

In addition to our wide selection of Rosary Necklaces and Rosaries, Mother Mary's Gemstone Rosaries can create a custom Rosary Necklace to your specifications, using a combination of gemstones and Sterling Silver. For custom creations please contact us to discuss your ideas.
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Mother Mary's Rosaries - For The Children

Our gemstone Rosary Necklaces are lovingly handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California by Cynthia Ratliff, a devotee of Holy Mother Mary.  In her service to the divine mother, Cynthia has created this Rosary ministry and a non profit organization (NGO) "For The Children", in service to marginalized children around the world since 1992.  Profits from Mother Mary's Rosaries supports "For The Children".

A special prayer from the Holy Mother Mary is imparted upon each bead of the Rosary imbuing it with her blessing:
"I bless unto thee, the power to unfold truth."

Our Gemstone beads selection

We use 6mm, 8mm or 10mm gemstone beads and our selection include:

Amazonite - Amethyst - Aventurine - Azurite - Black Onyx - Blue Lace Agate - Burmese Jade - Carnelian - Champagne Mother of Pearl - Clear Quartz Crystal - Fluorite - Garnet - Hematite - Jade - Jasper - Labrodite - Lapis lazuli - Lepidolite - Leopard Skin Jasper - Malachite - Mother of Pearl - New Jade - Poppy Jasper - Red Tiger's Eye - Rhodochrosite - Rhodonite - Tibetan Turquoise - Tiger's Eye - Turquoise - White Howlite

Grey velvet Rosary Necklaces box

Our Rosary Necklaces come in either an elegant grey velvet box or a classic black faux alligator box.
Faux Alligator black Rosary Necklaces box

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