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The 7 Continents Peace Rosary was inspired by Holy Mother Mary after the events of September 11th 2001 to direct her children to pray for peace for all of life.

7 Gemstones representing the 7 Continents

The 7 Continents Peace Rosary is a 5 decade rosary handcrafted with 6 mm gemstone beads and your choice of Sterling Silver Hand tooled Celtic cross or Sterling silver Crucifix.

The following 7 gemstones are used in its creation:
  • Rose Quartz,
  • Amethyst,
  • Malachite,
  • Black onyx,
  • Garnet,
  • Lapis Lazuli,
  • Blue Lace Agate
The 7 Continents Peace Rosary

The 7 Continents Peace Rosary

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Significance of Gemstones and their Attributes

 Gemstones of the Bible
  Continent Gemstone Attribute
* Africa Black Onyx Attributed to the Arch angel Gabriel.
  Antarctica Blue Lace Agate     Serene peaceful gemstone
* Asia Garnet Is considered the gemstone of Faith. It is used at the Lord's Prayer and is dispersed throughout the Rosary.
  Australia Lapis Lazuli In ancient cultures it is considered to be the gemstone of heaven.
* Europe Malachite Has been associated with healing throughout the ages.
* South America Amethyst It is the stone set in the Bishops ring and is a stone of spiritual significance.
  North America       Rose Quartz Since antiquity it has been used in jewelry and art and has long been associated with love.

"Blessed children gather round, heed my words, for they come as means to comfort you in your fears.  I have decreed this Peace Rosary, that it maybe for many a source of truth, by awakening the consciousness of unity and peace.  All my children live upon the lands for which you will be praying, creatures and creation too.  Recognize that unity exists.  We are tied together in the web of life, like beads on a rosary.  Pray for peace to be known in all lands, in all minds, in all hearts, and there - you will find me.  Rest within the peace of my love."

Message from Divine Mother Mary 9/2001

Mother Mary's Rosaries - For The Children

Our gemstone Rosaries are lovingly handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California by Cynthia Ratliff, a devotee of Holy Mother Mary.  In her service to the divine mother, Cynthia has created this Rosary ministry and a non profit organization (NGO) "For The Children", in service to marginalized children around the world since 1992.  Profits from Mother Mary's Rosaries supports "For The Children".

A special prayer from the Holy Mother Mary is imparted upon each bead of the Rosary imbuing it with her blessing:
"I bless unto thee, the power to unfold truth."

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